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Cannes vs. Nice for Honeymoon: $$$-$$$$ Budget in Early May/July – Need Advice!

My partner and I are in the process of planning our honeymoon and are considering the South of France as our destination. We're torn between staying in Cannes and Nice.

Our visit will be either in early May or early July. We're particularly interested in:

Shopping: Explore local boutiques and designer shops

Nightlife: Looking for a mix of something to do at the end of the night, whether it's a nightcap or club/lounge. Good mix of vibrant bars and classy spots

Good Food: Local cuisine and some fine dining

Beach: A relaxing beach experience is a must for us.

Additionally, our hotel budget falls within the $$-$$$$ (mid $500 a night up to $1k a night) range, aiming for a balance of comfort and luxury.

Given our interests and the timing of our trip, which city would you recommend—Cannes or Nice? Additionally, if you have any specific recommendations for hotels, activities, dining, or must-see locations in either city, we would deeply appreciate your advice.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and helping us out!

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