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Cant decide on a late October honeymoon $15-20k budget

My woman and I are having a tough time deciding on where we would like to honeymoon this year in late October.

I can spend about $15-20k, but a great experience for less is a no brainer as well.

We are having trouble deciding if we would like to lay on the beach for 10 days or get out and explore Europe for the first time together. (From the east coast US by the way).

We were leaning toward Europe (maybe an Ireland, Scotland, England hop), but the fact that it's not the best weather that time of year is making us rethink.

Also, we may want to kick back and relax for a bit after all the wedding crazyness, and I'm not sure how a European adventure fits into that. Then again we are young, so I feel like we should be on the move and have an adventure.

Laying on the beach in Jamaica with some ganja sounds great, but 10 days sedentary on an island also doesn't sound that grand at the same time!

Please help! Anyone have suggestions for that time of year and budget? Of course we would prefer a relatively safe environment. Also, neither of us are a huge fan of flying, especially now with the 737Max nightmare. I think a 6-7 hour flight would be the max for us, Hawaii is absolutely out of the question because of this, too much air time.

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