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Can’t Decide Where to Go

Hi!! We need some help lol. I think we’ve settled generally on the Mediterranean / Aegean as a general vibe. We absolutely want some water and coast line vibes.

My fiancé and I are starting to plan our honeymoon. We’re a bit overwhelmed as this is the most we’ve spent on a single vacation and arguably the longest trip either of us have ever taken. Should we go through a travel planner?


  • Potential Trip Dates: May 10 – 26 (16 days) or June 9 – June 23 (15 days)

    • Unfortunately have a wedding 4th of July weekend so couldn’t do June 18 – July 5 (18 days)
  • Budget: $10k + about 450k credit card miles we’re willing to use

    • Our plan is to use most of 10k on food and lodging, hoping miles will cover flights. At the end of the day we don’t need to splurge on business or even premium economy as long as we can use our miles – economy is fine.
    • Can flex a bit on spend depending on how much is gifted to our honeymoon fund as well.
    • We’d be flying out the NYC (JFK/LGA/EWR) region or DC (IAD/DCA/BWI) region – depending on costs.
  • The general vibe we’re after is something intimate, exploratory, and immersive. We don’t want to be city hopping every 2 days. We love cultural sites, historic sites, but also just vibing on a beach. The reason we settled on Europe is because we do want the ability to explore some major cities as well. We considered more beach centric locations (e.g., Bali) and it just seemed to be too much time on a beach without more urban exploring. These are the some of the main trips we’re considering at the moment – though definitely open to other recommendations.

Trip Option 1: Portugal

  • Days 1-4: Travel + Azores
  • Days 5-11: Lisbon Hub + Sintra + Cascais + Estoril
  • Days 12-15: Porto Hub + Douro
  • Days: 15-16: Lisbon + Travel Home

Trip Option 2: Greece

  • Day 1: Travel + Athens
  • Day 2: Athens + Travel to Island
  • Day 3 – 8: Cyclades Islands (Santorini + Naxos or Milos)
  • Days 9 – 14: Ionian Islands (Kefalonia or Lefkada or Corfu Hub)
  • Day 15: Travel to Athens then home

Trip Option 3: Portugal + Greece

  • Days 1-3: Lisbon + Sintra
  • Days 4-6: Porto + Douro
  • Day 7: Travel to Athens
  • Days 8 – 14: Either Cyclades Islands or Ionian Islands
  • Day 15: Travel

For the Greek portion (if we go that route) we’re not opposed to an all-inclusive vibe though have read it’s not necessarily the best option for Greece given cheap accommodations and great food available all over the place.

Would you recommend the Ionian or Cyclades if we had to pick just one?

Are there any benefits to May vs June in this context?

Open to literally any and all recommendations

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