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Can’t decide where to go

My fiancé (24) and I (25) (UK) are getting married in August, but we are currently looking at going on our honeymoon next summer (July/August).

The places that we are currently looking at, but in no particular order are:

Ibiza, Cyprus, Canary Islands and the Caribbean (all of which we have not been too).

Ibiza seems to be top at the moment. We're not major party-goers or ravers, but we do like to let our hair down every now and again, so if we did go to Ibiza, we would want a mix of relaxation, party and day trips.

Cyprus appeals to us for many reasons similar to Ibiza. It seems to have some party life in Ayia Napa, but offers great weather to relax and some day trip activities.

The Canary Islands look great for weather; being off the coast of Africa, and once again offers a great environment for relaxing, and doing trips out, like Siam Park in Tenerife, but we are open to all the islands.

The Caribbean is something we have considered, but only more recently. Logistically, we don't know if it's something we could afford to do, but if we could go to the Caribbean, we would like to go somewhere where we can relax, but also be able to do some day trips/exploring. I've heard that some places in the Caribbean it's highly recommended for tourists to stay within their resort/hotel you're staying at, due to illicit behaviour/activity within the local communities.

Any suggestions/recommendations on this would be appreciated.

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