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Caribbean/Central America resort recommendations

Hi all! My fiancé and I are trying to plan out honeymoon and are a bit overwhelmed by all the possibilities so thought I would turn here for some advice. We'd be traveling the last week in October/first week of November. I am aware that is the rainy season but that is when we have to travel. We're open to locations within the Caribbean and central America. Ideally we'd book a resort that is:

  • All-inclusive
  • Adults-only
  • Scuba diving – doesn't need to be at the resort but close by
  • Golf – again, doesn't need to be at our resort but we'd like to option
  • Water sports available at the resort
  • Sunset cruise – ideally provided by the resort, this could be at an additional cost
  • Good nightlife – we're not club people but would like the option to stay out past 9:00 pm at a bar with other people our age (30s)

Our budget would be around $5000 – 6000 for 5 nights. (Edit: this is our budget, not including flights)

Thanks in advance!

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