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Caribbean resort honeymoon, 1st time out of the US. Advice with cultural expectations?

My fiancé and I are getting married in April. We have booked an all inclusive in St. Lucia. Im from the South, she’s from the Midwest. This is her first time to the Caribbean and my first time out of the country all together.

Little nervous and trying to figure out certain things I need to mentally prepare for to dampen the culture shock a little bit. And I know how this is about to sound, but idk how else to say it. But the first 2 things that jump to the front of our minds are 1)safety 2)realistic expectations regarding public nudity on the beach

Not that we’re super worried or bother by either. We’re staying at a Sandals. And we read everything on the website. But we really just don’t want to embarrass ourselves or offend locals/other non-American guests. Any tips on etiquette and expectations would be great

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