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Carribean June 2024 suggestions

Sooo we finally got a date set up and we're looking to go on our honeymoon June 7-15th. We live in the PNW & flights are limited in our town so the shortest flights leave at 10 pm and don't get to the islands until 2 pm the next day. I've looked at this sub pretty extensively too over the last couple of months lol

Our requirements: – 7 nights, adult only – around $6k for all inclusive(preferred), less than $5k for not all inclusive. This price includes flights -not sandals (I've searched this sub a ton & that's what I see the most, I'm not interested in sandals) -best chance of good weather, since I know that's the start of hurricane season -beautiful beaches & white sand, lowest chance of sargassum as well -a room that is swim-out, if not then beachfront. A mix of both would be amazing -No Mexico/Cancun (I've already been twice, we loved Haven Riviera Cancun but we want something else) – looking for relaxing, we don't like partying & will do 2 excursions. We like to scuba dive – & my SO needs an air conditioned room

I've looked into Cocobay Antigua & I really like the resort + reviews are great but my fiance doesn't seem to be sold on it yet. Also looked into st Lucia & weve talked about anse chastanet for years but theres no a/c (not a total deal breaker) & I've read that the sand is course/rocky. We went to Hawaii last year and were pretty disappointed w/ how rocky the beaches were. & We would like to go somewhere that we might not be able to go back to again once we have kids if that even helps with recommendations

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