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City hopping for honeymoon

I'm planning my Honeymoon and the itinerary will be a secret from my Fiance until right before we leave, so I need some advice. we're Australian, My Fiance has traveled to Indonesia with family a few times before, but has never really travelled anywhere else and has always stayed in her comfort zone, I'm a bit more seasoned, having spent a year backpacking, solo trips, Asia, Europe, Middle East, etc.

What I'm thinking is:

  • 9 days in Bali with a private pool, luxury, etc.
  • 4 days in Bangkok, see the excitement of the city
  • 8 days in Hanoi and Sapa, still a thriving city but a cooler climate and a bit less chaotic & trecking in Sapa
  • 3 days in Singapore, take it real easy in luxuray before we fly home

We'll have 5 days at home before we have to return to work.

What do you think? too busy? too long in Hanoi? should I substitute something else for Bangkok?

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