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Cocobay Antigua room and book recs


After some research I'm highly considering Cocobay resort in Antigua for our honeymoon in late May. I'm hoping some of you can help with some of my questions.

Are the Premium pool suites the best value for the upper end tier? Or do you gain a lot extra luxury/views/privacy by going with the Waterfront Pool suite? Watching the videos and the pictures of the rooms I can't really tell if they are reusing stock photos for both room levels.

Would you in general recommend booking directly with the resort? (It comes to be about $500 more but it will include the "Silver Saks Experience") vs Expedia (still mentions all inclusive and I have VIP level gold status which mention possible room upgrade) which is cheapest, vs American Express? (Doesn't mention all inclusive)

We do want to go and explore Antigua and go to Shirely Heights etc so we don't necessarily want to opt for the most premium all inclusive experience

Thank you so much!

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