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Contiguous US Honeymoon All Inclusive?

Hi! My husband and I had to cancel our all inclusive honeymoon in Belize due to some health issues (we need to be relatively close to a good, US hospital just in case). We’re looking for a new option within the contiguous US. We just have a couple of asks but none of these are mandatories— please let me know if you have any specific Hotel or area recommendations!

  • Ideally all inclusive, but not required. Just a special hotel that is memorable would be nice as well.
  • Would love to be by the ocean (but open to other ideas— we’re also exploring the idea of Maine in the summer) -7K total budget, not including flights.
  • Would love something special to make it feel like a honeymoon (I know this is nebulous, but I’m envisioning like the beautiful bungalows over water you see in the Caribbean. I know we won’t get that in the US, but something that just feels special would be an added bonus)

Any ideas? Thanks for the help! Would love any specific resort or hotel names if you have them. Thank you!

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