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Coolest town in Algarve Portugal (near porches and Armação de Pêra)

Hello all, Thanks to this Reddit group my wife and me are spending the a part of our honeymoon at Vilallara thalassa resort in Algarve. It’s an amazing spot however doesn’t offer much in terms of night life/restaurants. Which is perfect since we just came from a jam packed week in Morocco full of exciting stuff to do. We are happy with where are staying however would like a night or two (out of the 5) in town.

Doesn’t have to be a huge city since we came from Marrakech and going to Lisbon next.

However we would like to leave the hotel and check out where the locals eat and drink. Preferably somewhere within 30 mins drive. We already checked out Armação de Pêra and it was nice but it gave a little bit of tourist trap vibes.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated: thanks to Reddit we’ve had an amazing 9 days already and have been really enjoying this honeymoon.

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