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Debating mainland Portugal vs. Azores for honeymoon

Hello! We're looking at ~12 days for an October honeymoon and am trying to decide between mainland Portugal vs. the Azores. Looking for opinions from anyone who's done either! Some thoughts/details below 🙂

The mainland Portugal option would entail us renting a car and going to Lisbon, the southern coast/Algarve, Porto, etc. This would be reminiscent of a trip my partner and I did in 2019 to Ireland where we rented a car for about the same period of time and drove from around the country – it was probably one of our most favorite trips together. We also did a similar style of trip for 1 week in Puerto Rico recently and loved that. I general, we find this style of travel super rewarding but obviously it's a lot of work to put together and not necessarily relaxing because of all the movement required. That said, I think we could find a way to build in some relaxation, since we managed to do so in Puerto Rico.

The other option would be going to the Azores and staying on São Miguel and maybe doing 1 or 2 other islands. It seems like the Azores are bit more nature/adventure focused, which is definitely a different vibe than the mainland, but also something we're interested in. We especially enjoy hiking.

My thought is that the Azores could be more "special" than the mainland for a honeymoon, but on the other hand, we could probably get more luxury on the mainland. I think we'll ultimately end up doing both trips in our lifetime, but we're torn on which is better for our honeymoon. Would October make one better than the other?

Thanks in advance!

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