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December Honeymoon help?

Hi! I am planning my honey moon for the week of December 9-14th. Currently panicking because it seems everything I get excited about isn’t feasible. We originally were doing Colorado for the mountains and hot springs but it seemed like a lot of things we’d need to pay for and drive to truly see and enjoy. My partner doesn’t like crazy heat, but the Caribbean is usually cooler during this time so we considered it but the prices seem a bit extreme for a honeymoon suite! Traveling from New York State or Toronto.

  1. We are looking for easy living , like all inclusive for drinks and food… just to not have to think too hard- activities being easy to access… we tried a cruise but no cruise was available for this week without traveling same day or coming back too late 😞 also looked into Vermont and one in Canada but it was charging about 8-10k plus.

  2. budget is about 6,000$ with 400$ flight credit extra please help 🥲

  3. Prefer adults only or any least likeliness of seeing children (I’m a teacher and rather just be surrounded by adults for once lol)

Would appreciate anything honestly

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