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December – January 2024 Honeymoon Help!


My fiancee and I are getting married in early December and looking to head out on our honeymoon from December 10th to January 3rd. We have been saving for this and have a pretty healthy budget of $50K, but of course would always be up for paying less! I am currently lost in the soup of planning and can't seem to find an option that feels right (I've explored Bora Bora, Fiji, Australia, and South Africa). All of these places are nice, but it's getting a bit overwhelming. Therefore I thought I would come and ask for your guidance.

Our requirements:

  • We want go somewhere warm and tropical, ideally with less humidity (that's a nice to have, not a hard requirement)
  • We want to spend 60% of the time being able to relax by the pool or beach, with access to good food and a spa. The other 40% would be activities and some adventure. This could range from water activities (snorkeling, jet skis, boating) to hiking to sight seeing. We just want options to not only be stuck at a resort.
  • We would prefer a room that is quiet, secluded, and ideally has a private pool.
  • Adults only would be ideal. We'll have kiddos of our own soon enough and want to spend this time together in a quieter environment.
  • We can fly out of any major US airport (LAX or NYC are easy options)
  • Because we'll be there for Christmas and New Years, we would like to ensure there is some ability to celebrate.
  • We're not against hopping amongst multiple locations as long as we get to spend extended periods in each (7 or so days).

I know that's a lot, but I can't thank you all enough in advance for any thoughts, feedback, or advice you might be able to share. My fiancee is a phenomenal person, but planning isn't her strong suit and she is already taking enough on with the wedding. I want to do a great job with this and plan a trip that we'll talk about for the rest of our lives. I appreciate your help in doing that!

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