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Deciding on a Resort

My husband (married last week but can't go on our honeymoon until summer because I teach) are planning on a honeymoon to the Caribbeans for the beginning of August. We want to go away for about 10 days. I think we've narrowed down our island choice to Punta Cana because it looks amazing and it seems to be less expensive than some of the other islands I had my eye on, like St. Lucia or Aruba. And I've narrowed down to a couple different resort chains but as I've never been to the Caribbean islands I wanted to get some other opinions and make sure I'm picking the best option. We're trying not to spend more than $4,500, $5,000 max (including airfare). I've been looking at cheapcaribbean based on some recommendations.

I've been looking at the Majestic line of resorts in Punta Cana, which I like because it has the adult side and it has a lot of good reviews on cheapcaribbean. I was also considering the Riu resorts or Excellence resorts (but the only downside is I can't book them with airfare through cheapcaribbean) and just discovered the Royalton resorts. They all look great and pretty comparable online. I wish more of them offered swim up suites. I'm also curious if they, or which ones, might offer snorkeling or if that's something I would have to do as an excurison outside of the resort. Overall, I'm hoping to get some ideas on which resorts are better than others, and how nice Punta Cana is overall.

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