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Delayed Caribbean honeymoon

Hi all. We're planning our delayed honeymoon and am feeling overwhelmed with choices. Our vacations are usually busy with lots of location changes so we're looking to do a relaxing, 5-7 night resort vacation. Have been looking mostly in Jamaica and Mexico but would be open to other places.

Ideally, we would like an adults only all inclusive with good food and a nice Beach. Water sports included are a must, I can't just lounge by a pool for 6 days. We've looked at sandals but I've read very mixed reports about the food, and it seems like most of the restaurants require reservations, which we don't love. There's also so many to choose from, it seems somewhat overwhelming! We have talked about excellence oyster bay but it feels incredibly isolated – we would like to be able to go off property for lunch or dinner a few times. It also only has a few included water activities, and is certainly not cheap. Any thoughts? It doesn't have to be a large scale resort with 8 restaurants. We've talked about the caves as well, but the lack of any beach is a lot to consider.

Thanks for any help you may be!

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