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Delaying honeymoon?

hi everyone! I’d love opinions

Our wedding is this October (hopefully) and we have st lucia booked for our honeymoon. We don’t feel like it will be even close to normal by then since they’re being so strict right now – only allowing Americans (we aren’t) and needing to provide a negative COVID test within 48 hours of entry which is not even possible to get that fast in our area

Air Canada is allowing us to change the flights free ONCE. We are having a hard time deciding if we should make it a delayed honeymoon to dec/jan/feb or just schedule it a full year out next October.

We are okay with some restrictions like no buffets but definitely don’t want to be forced to wear masks on the beach or at dinners.

Does jan/feb seem safe for them or anywhere in the Caribbean? Or should we just suck it up and wait a full extra year to be safer

We’re in the tricky spot of if we delay to Jan and it’s still super restricted, we lose 1600$ for the flights to reschedule again. But if we move it until October and it’s much better by December we will regret moving it so far back

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