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Destination Ideas – Aug. 2023 – Mix of Adventure and R&R!

We are trying to gather some ideas for honeymoon destinations and need some help thinking of places. I've been to several different destinations throughout the Caribbean, FH has only left the USA to visit Canada. He'll have his passport by the time we would be going.

Here's a little about us/what we have in mind:

  • Mix of adventure and R&R: We are usually finding fun stuff to do on vacation! For instance, we just vacationed in the Asheville, NC area and spent a couple days hiking, visiting breweries, etc. It would be neat to find a place where we have the option to do water sports (e.g., snorkeling, kayaking, maybe a dive lesson) and land activities (e.g., hiking, island tours, etc), or lay on the beach if we need some rest.
  • Nice beaches: We'd like to be somewhere where the beaches are nice! For example, beaches that come to my mind as a "nice beach" would be Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands or Magens Bay in St. Thomas, but perhaps there's a place I'm not thinking of or haven't visited yet 😊
  • Drinkable water: We just talked to somebody who got sick on vacation because they consumed water that wasn't drinkable. We just want to avoid that possibility altogether, especially on our honeymoon.
  • All-Inclusive vs. Not: I've stayed at 1 all-inclusive before and have done a couple of cruises (which I'd consider semi all-inclusive?). I'm not sure whether all-inclusive or non all-inclusive would be better in terms of what we're looking for, "bang for our buck," etc. We would like something that would be a great value!

This is kind of a "rough" starting point for us, just to get some ideas! He's unsure of where to begin since he hasn't really left the country, and I'm going off of the little bit that I know and my experiences! Any help or direction would be appreciated 😁

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