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Destinations in the Middle East?

We are starting our research and we would probably go around end of September and beginning of October and we definitely want to go somewhere in the Middle East or North Africa. Even somewhere in the Mediterranean is an option such as Turkey/Greece. However we have a few stipulations. We want to experience all the different options like beaches, desert, city, ect. Also we love culture/sight seeing in the city and definitely shopping. A mix of city and relaxing beaches would be great. Also I have a lot of dietary restrictions as a gluten free vegan so a place that can accommodate those types of things and have lots of options. Our top choice was Dubai or Abu Dhabi because it’s lux and a huge city but it has beaches and a desert. But we don’t know how “relaxing” the beaches are and if it gives a relaxing tropical vibe. We also don’t know about any other cities in the Middle East in regards to honeymoons. Places in Jordan, turkey, Oman, Morocco, Egypt, ect. Any help is appreciated! And if you have any other suggestions outside of the Middle East that fit the bill, we are open to suggestions!

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