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Disney World honeymoon Oct 2021

My fiancé and I have discussed doing a Disney honeymoon for years, even before we got engaged. Neither of us has been in a long time and it’s magical! We’re working with a Disney planner and have a 7 day trip planned with 2 days in universal.

However, I’m beginning to have second thoughts. Every time I tell someone we’re doing a Disney honeymoon, they get this look on their face like they think it’s stupid. Maybe I’m just insecure about being a “Disney adult” and am projecting that onto them? But I’m also wondering if it’s stupid not to go somewhere we’ve never been before and experience something new together. This is the first time we’ve spent this amount of money on a trip and I’m feeling like we could put that money towards something really different and special.

I don’t know. I think we could back out of our Disney honeymoon now and be able to get the money we’ve put in back. But I’m also really excited for Disney! We just don’t travel a lot (obviously especially in the last year but just in general we aren’t very good at financially planning for big trips) and part of me feels like this could be a missed opportunity.

Thoughts? Advice? Anyone else do a Disney honeymoon?

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