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DR or Colombia

Hello Reddit community,

My partner and I are in the exciting stage of planning our honeymoon, and we're torn between two fantastic destinations: the Dominican Republic and the Rosario Islands in Colombia. We're hoping to get some insights to help us make this decision.

Our dream honeymoon involves staying at a beautiful hotel or resort with a waterfront view, savoring delicious cuisine, and fully immersing ourselves in the local culture. We're passionate about live music, dancing, and experiencing the regional music scene, ideally while enjoying a meal and a drink while watching performers.

We're leaning towards Colombia, but we haven't found as much information about it as we have for the Dominican Republic. Safety and ease of getting around are essential for us. We want the perfect blend of relaxation and cultural exploration, so we're not just holed up in our hotel all day.

Any tips, suggestions, or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for helping us make our honeymoon unforgettable!

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