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Early August 2024 Honeymoon Recommendations

We have been so busy (and indecisive) recently that we haven’t planned our honeymoon yet. We are based on the West Coat of the US, have time for a 7-9 day long honeymoon, and budget is not too much of a concern (but under 10-15k preferred)

Things that we discussed: – with only 1 week, we don’t want to travel too far and have our time eaten up by planes/airports/jet lag – classic “huts-on-the-water” with sandy beaches would be nice, but not necessary – can take some heat, but would not want to struggle with humidity and not looking to melt alive

Trips previously enjoyed (and not looking to repeat): Hawaii, Norway cruise, Las Vegas, Los Angeles/Disney, Seattle, San Francisco

Ideas toyed with: – Banff: worried it might be too boring – Alaska: cruise timing may be tricky – Aruba/Bonaire/Curacao: flight is a bit on the long side – Mexico: not sure about hurricanes/how hot it will be

Any tips or recommendations?

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