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Early May 2022 – Warm, Food, Booze, Nature

My husband and I are looking for a honeymoon destination for early May 2022. Thank you all in advance for any help. Here's a wall of info:

Overall goal: Warm (tropical or beachy) destination with a romantic vibe that will allow us to focus on each other. Think nice, long dinners, sitting on the beach at night with a drink, etc. We also enjoy nature recreation, with birding and snorkeling (preferably off the resort or close by) and archeological tourism. We are both pretty physically fit and do not mind demanding excursions. Basically, we'd like the opportunity to be active during the morning and afternoon if we get tired of lazing around, but definitely want to be able to have quiet moments with each other. I am usually a huge planner for our trips, and enjoy planning, but I am absolutely exhausted by wedding planning and do not want to do any more logistics. At some point I will delight in planning a Peru/Galapagos tour, but not this day. This trip is also one of our last before trying to start a family, so we'd like it to be focused on us as a couple, rather than things we might also do on a trip with our friends.

He has been to: Most places in Europe except Scandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, most of the "Stan's," India (Delhi and Goa), Madagascar, Panama, probably others I'm forgetting.

I have been to: France, England, Seoul, Shanghai, Hawaii

We have been to: Akumal Mexico, Punta Cana, Panama, Seattle

Our favorite trip we have done together has been to Akumal Bay Beach and Wellness Resort. We really, really enjoyed that we could snorkel off the beach at the resort 2-3x a day and not worrying about paying for food/drink. We also liked the proximity to birding and Mayan sites. The food/drinks could have been better and more inventive, but it was better than where we went in Punta Cana. Honestly debating going here again, but we'd like something different.

Due to my planning exhaustion, I am leaning toward an all inclusive. Food is incredibly important to us, but I just don't have it in me to do a deep dive into a full foodie itinerary (and would prefer to leave that to another trip). I definitely get our money's worth drinking at all inclusives (fwiw my husband does not drink, but appreciates good mocktails), which is another pull in that direction (I will easily drink 10+ drinks a day on vacation). Open to having my mind changed.

Wants: Lush natural setting, incredible and inventive food, quality mixology (I get tired of sweet tropical drinks quickly and appreciate a complex cocktail. Not too picky on wine), walkable area/resort, good number of activities on site or less expensive excursions, quality nature recreation (diving, hiking, kayaking, rafting, caving, etc), free beach snorkeling, opportunity to mingle with other guests, jacuzzi or nice tub on balcony or at least private balcony with table, good amount of bird/wildlife within walking/excursion distance, spa with massages, ability to get food whenever you want it, potential for fishing charter or excursion, archeology a plus, beach that you can wade in/saltwater pool.

Do Not Wants: Inability to escape noisy evening entertainment, ATV tours, zip lines, lots and lots of small children, captive wildlife, pushy salesmen

Budget is TBD. Would probably like to stick to max 7 hour flight.

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