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Early May honeymoon in Italy and Paris

Hey there! Congrats all you happy couples ☺️I booked our honeymoon last year and we’ve so been looking forward to it. We fly out on May 6th, arrive in Venice May 7th, head to Positano Italy on the 10th then to Paris the 17th and home the 22nd. I have been saving and planning like a crazy person for this. We are able to cancel everything with no fees but I am just at a loss for what to do. I mostly want to wait it out and see what happens and make a decision in late April. I’m worried that all the hysteria has me hyped up. I’m not concerned about getting sick really, only about possibility of quarantine or for getting it and spreading it. We could push it until September but will be really be any better off by September if it’s still an issue in May? Is anyone else honeymooning in early May? I hate we are all experiencing this stress when we should just be basking in excitement.

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