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Early November beach honeymoon

We're planning on getting married at the end of October (on Halloween!) and want a beach/tropical honeymoon. What we are looking for is:

  • 2-ish weeks
  • a flight less than 6-ish hours from the Dallas/Fort Worth area
  • tropical/beach/laid back (I know this is on the tail end of hurricane season, so I want to take that into consideration as well if necessary)
  • all-inclusive (not required, but would be nice)
  • high quality restaurants/food
  • not overly crowded (no kids or partiers), quiet (might be impossible if we want all-inclusive)
  • there is some flexibility in the budget, but less than $10k
  • small-town feel (I need places to explore rather than just sitting on the beach 24/7)

There's flexibility on all of those points. I know the Caribbean is at the top of our lists, but I know California might have some good options as well. We're very open to suggestions! Dunno if this place even exists that I described.

I'll be booking flights with points, not sure about the hotels/resorts just yet!

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