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Early September Honeymoon Recommendations

Hey guys!

Looking to follow-up our wedding with a honeymoon a day or two after we say "I do". That puts us at a honeymoon week of Aug 31 – Sept 6, 2020. Were obviously trying to find a worthwhile honeymoon destination (taking into consideration rainy seasons, hurricane seasons, safety, etc). Any suggestions would be fantastic!

What we're looking for/things about us:

1) We don't drink alcohol, and love to try a variety of foods.
2) We are a pretty active couple. Snorkeling, cycling, hiking (especially hiking), etc.
3) Would prefer the warmth/beaches (80 degrees is perfect)
4) If possible, keep a one-way travel to less than 10 hours (or at least close to it, from Ohio).
5) Excluding flight cost, around 5K.

Thank you!

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