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East Coast FL Honeymoon

Hi there! My fiancé and I are getting married in September and are looking to take a smaller scale honeymoon to somewhere on Florida's east coast shortly after. We first loved the idea of the FL Keys but learned quickly how expensive it is to stay.

So after doing some research, we stumbled upon St. Augustine.

We have looked at the Things to Do, Places to Stay info on Trip Advisor and it looks like it might be a great fit. We love the idea of being able to sightsee at some of the historic locations but also want some R&R time on a nice beach.

However, after doing research, I'm wondering if we might be happier staying in Daytona at a beachfront resort and taking a day trip to St. Augustine? Would a 30 y/o couple get bored in St. Augustine for 5 nights?

We're not 100% sold on the area so any ideas on other affordable, east coast destinations with pretty beaches and plenty of things to do are welcome, as well as thoughts on St. Augustine.

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