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Egypt honeymoon! Help for suggestions, tours, all inclusive packages etc!

My husband and I are looking to go to egypt for our honeymoon. Ideally 10 days since we are flying from US. I’ve been researching to try and find flights/tour packages but have been having a hard time trusting certain sites. I had a friend of mine that is a travel agent suggest some sites but they were suuuuuper pricey. We received roughly 5k from our honeyfund for our wedding and would like to try to keep within that budget—but know we will have to pay a little over. But want most of the trip to be covered by that. If not Egypt, does anyone else have any other suggestions that isn’t Italy(we went for 3 weeks a few years ago and we want to do something new)! And definitely a place that will give us a bang for our buck! Any and all suggestions are appreciated!! Thanks!!

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