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Ethical honeymoon during Covid?

My fiance and I are having a hard time thinking of ethical honeymoon destinations. We'd like to get married and go on our honeymoon in February 2022, and we live in NYC. We're trying to think within this time frame, rather than considering a later honeymoon.

A Caribbean destination sounds great, but the percentage of residents that are vaccinated is pretty low, so I would feel guilty about that, and I'm not sure if an all-inclusive resort is ethical. We were thinking Hawaii but it seems like the residents don't want tourists coming because of overtourism and their water shortage. Europe would be nice, but everywhere is cold in February. I could get over that, though.

Is it ethical to travel internationally during Covid? Staying in the US is an option, but there's so much pressure to make your honeymoon a really special trip. Are there any really exciting US destinations?

Pretty open to different ideas — beach vibe, wintry vibe, city.

I know I seem ridiculous, but I go back and forth about this so much. I'd love to hear some different opinions and get some outside perspective! Thanks in advance.

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