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Fall Brides, join on our Cancun wedding room block for your honeymoon!

TL;DR My fiancé and I are getting married in Mexico this November at the Moon Palace Cancun, and we have space available if anyone wanted to take advantage of booking the resort at a bit of a discount. Please DM me if interested!

Weird post, but I thought I'd give it a shot!

My fiancé and I are planning our wedding this November in Cancun, MX which we are super excited about. One thing we definitely overestimated was our reserved rooms / room block for the event (whoops, but who doesn't make some mistakes while planning a wedding). While the number of guests is just about what we want it to be at, what we didn't expect was less rooms are being booked because more guests than anticipated are choosing to share rooms, in additional to some families that straight up didn't listen and booked outside of our room block. So we're a bit short on meeting our minimum of booked rooms OR total booked room nights per our contract.

If anyone is interested in a trip to Mexico in November, it may be worth your while to book a room at the Moon Palace Resort Cancun through our room block.

The Details:

  • Dates available for booking: Nov 15-26 (3 Night Minimum)
  • Airport transfer is included for arrival and departure (our travel agent will assist you with arranging)
  • You would be able to book the room yourself through our travel agent's website (Destination Weddings) or contact our travel agent directly to assist you with booking
  • Rooms on our room block are on a bit of a discount compared to booking direct through Moon Palace (discount amount varies depending on number of room nights, number of guests, etc
  • Moon Palace Cancun is all-inclusive and honestly as guests that have stayed there before, you can literally spend your entire vacation without leaving the resort because there's so much to do there. But your wristband will also allow you access to the other Palace Resorts, which may be super worth it if you choose to explore the hotel zone or visit the mall
    • Other Palace Resorts in the Cancun area: Beach Palace and Sun Palace
    • Premium Palace Resorts in the Cancun area that require an additional purchase for a day pass: The Grand at Moon Palace and Le Blanc
  • Rapid covid testing to return back to your home country is provided by the resort. I believe it's complimentary for the first two tests per room, and $19USD for any additional tests. PCR tests are at an additional fee.
  • Tip if you do end up going: A representative in the lobby will approach you offering you a free meal (usually breakfast, but they're going to lure you in for a 90 minute presentation to join their membership) at The Grand and will make some sort of promise to give you either free day passes to The Grand or resort credits if you go, unless you plan on shelling out tens of thousands of dollars on a membership (think timeshare), be strong and politely decline so that you don't waste your time on your vacation.

Websites for you to check out to learn more:

If it sounds interesting at all to you, feel free to DM me and I can send you information on how to access our room block or contact our travel agent. If you feel uncomfortable, you won't even have to meet us on your vacation but my fiancé and I are both friendly and wouldn't mind at all!

Anyways, I'm just grateful if you just read this through instead of exiting out because of how unusual of an ask this is.

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