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Fall Honeymoon in the Caribbean/Mexico

Budget: Ideally around $5-6k for 7 days, but willing to go up to about $7.5k for the right place. Not more than that.

Location: We are super flexible here. We went to an all-inclusive in Cancun right before covid, so we're leaning Caribbean. I personally like St. Lucia, but we've also looked at Aruba, Curacao, Jamaica, and Punta Cana. Open to wherever.

Vibe: We'd prefer adults only, but we don't want to go to a party place. Lean toward a chill nightlife atmosphere with some bars/activities/shows. Fine with not being adults-only if it's the right place.

All-Inclusive?: We'd strongly prefer this due to the ease of it all, but it's not necessarily a deal-breaker. If It's all inclusive, we'd like to have a decent amount of restaurants to choose from (at least 2-3).

Activities: We don't want to sit and drink on a beach for 7 days, so ideally there'd be some things to do either at the hotel or on excursions, which we don't mind paying extra for. Snorkling/boating/jet skis/etc would all be cool.

Rooms: We're flexible here, but prefer not to be in a high rise since that reminds us too much of the hotels near our beach house. Private plunge pool/ocean front/jacuzzis would all be cool, but obviously that's gonna cost extra.


The closest thing I found that meets all of these criteria was the adults-only Serenity at Coconut Bay in St. Lucia, but by the time we agreed on it it got booked for the week we were looking at, and I'm not seeing any availability until January.

I've searched through this sub a lot and used resources like but still haven't found the right place. Any recommendations you have would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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