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Fellow Japan fans! Tips on romantic places to visit (2-week trip)?

We are thinking of going from roughly 8/20-9/4 or 5 after our 6/25/22 wedding—gives us a little time to breathe and finish preparing. I know it will be hot and humid then 😮‍💨 but I’m a teacher and summer break is ideal. Background: I have visited Japan a few times and lived there twice (studied then taught) and was once fluent (now rusty), so I am quite familiar, but he is not. Loves the culture though. We wanted to go in 2020 so I could show him around but obviously that couldn’t happen so now it’ll be our honeymoon. But I don’t know what some of the best romantic things to do/see/stay at would be…I haven’t been since 2016 and things may be a little different there now. It would be great to have some mix of “can’t miss” spots in the obvious Tokyo/Kyoto areas (Ghibli Museum, Kiyomizu-dera, etc.) and “romantic/quaint/unexpected” activities and/or accommodations. I guess I don’t know where to start to make it feel like a lovey-dovey honeymoon and not simply a touristy trip. Please help!

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