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Fiancé and I disagree on honeymoon location

So I'm looking for advice, maybe this is better suited in r/relationships, but maybe here is good too.

My fiancé and I are getting married in about a month and we're very excited. We are planning a honeymoon for early next year (Feb/Mar) as I don't get a lot of yearly vacation time from work. We had always thought we'd honeymoon in Europe, like Italy or Spain, but because of Covid, we ditched those plans. We eventually settled on going to Puerto Rico about a month or so ago and have started some planning, but haven't made any bookings yet. Instead of asking for gifts, we asked our wedding guests to contribute to a honeymoon fund instead, so we were partly waiting to see what kind of gifts we'd get, which would help determine what we can afford for the honeymoon as we are also saving for things like our first house.

While shopping for flights, I got curious about what flights elsewhere would look like and stumbled upon the idea of going to Barcelona for a very reasonable price. I've always wanted to go to Europe and I briefly looked into the idea of switching our travel plans to go to Barcelona. I pitched the idea to my fiance, who I thought would be excited, but wasn't. She feels like I planned a whole different trip without her and scrapped the idea of Puerto Rico, which she had gotten attached to. While I never scrapped or killed any plans, she feels like I don't want to go to Puerto Rico anymore.

There's part of me that doesn't as I want to have a chance to go to Europe before we likely have kids in the next few years and it feels like a rare opportunity to take a trip there, subsidized by our family. She feels like we have no idea where we want to go anymore and I don't want to upset her or feel like I ruined things. Is there a good choice? I will gladly go to either and know we will have fun at either place, I just want to handle it well.

TL;DR: We were in the process of booking our honeymoon, I pitched a totally different trip, fiancé thinks I don't want to go on original trip anymore and will be upset if we don't go to my new idea (which really isn't true).

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