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First-Time International Travel: Tips Needed for a December Trip to Turkey from India

Hello fellow travelers! As first-time international travelers, my partner and I have chosen Turkey for our honeymoon, spanning from the end of December to the first week of January. We’re both excited and a little nervous, and would greatly appreciate any advice to help make our trip unforgettable.

1. Visa Tips: Since we’re flying from India, what’s the best approach to handle visa applications for Turkey? Any tips to make the process smoother would be great. 2. Budgeting: For a 10-day trip, how much should we budget for daily expenses such as meals, transportation, and attractions? We aim to balance enjoyment with affordability. 3. Packing Essentials: What specific items should we pack for Turkey during the winter season? 4. Cultural Etiquette: We want to respect local customs. Are there particular cultural norms or etiquette in Turkey that we should be aware of? 5. Itinerary Recommendations: We’re open to suggestions! What are some romantic and must-see places in Turkey during the winter? 

We look forward to your insights and recommendations to help us navigate our first international journey and make our honeymoon as stress-free and magical as possible. Thank you in advance!

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