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Florida Keys for a Honeymoon


Bride to be wants to go to the Florida Keys, I wanted to go to Jamaica…she won.

Id like to start by saying I have never been on a true vacation. So this will be my first time going somewhere and being away from everyone except her.

I wanted an all inclusive resort that literally just gave us a slew of options, and since we already paid the bill wasn't a bother. Upon searching Google, I haven't found a single all inclusive resort, nor one that looked really that enticing. Are the keys more of just a bunch of hotels that call themselves resorts, and then you travel off into the town for food, fun, etc? I was expecting to spend roughly $4k for a mid December 7 day honeymoon, and it looks like the keys will cost me quite a bit less. We would be flying out of DFW…

I greatly appreciate any input!


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