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French Polynesia Honeymoon Help!

I am planning a honeymoon in French Polynesia for 8-10 days and I’m looking for help figuring out the best division of my time in the islands! We don’t want to spend the whole time in Bora Bora as I’ve read it gets boring and I know the other islands have a lot to offer. Where would you prioritize staying for the other half of the trip? I am reading Moorea a lot and I’m not against staying on Tahiti. Interested in water activities like whale swims and snorkeling, hiking, and also venturing out of resorts for restaurants, bars, and markets. Last question, if you stay at a nice hotel in Bora Bora (St. Regis for example), is the norm to stay at the hotel for every meal? Are there other places accessible to eat?

*edit – also what hotels are recommended in the other islands that may be at least close in quality to St. Regis? We are staying there first (pricing is lower week 1) and I don’t want to feel totally downgraded on week 2 of the honeymoon.

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