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Germany/France/NL in October/November? Help us out!

Hey guys my wife and I are planning our trip and so far we're finding ourselves wanting to go to Germany for several reasons:

  1. It seems like the "not so touristy" thing to do (i.e. going to Rome, etc – which we don't really want to do)
  2. We're huge car people – Porsche/Mercedes/BMW factories there.
  3. We want to visit the Nurburgring and take a lap.

This is where the uncertainty begins. While I'M more of the Car person, my wife simply likes cars but is down to do the car stuff mostly because I enjoy it. From here my plan was to rent a nice car and drive through the country side and (I'm geographically challenged, so please help me here) drive to Belgium? NL? Swiss alps? Monaco? Is it even "safe" to drive during october/november (guess there would be some harsh winter weather?)

These cities/countries appear to be CLOSE to each other, but again I'm a stupid American and I have no clue how far/realistic it is to go from 1 place to another, especially in a car.

Another note: People keep telling us Germany is boring for a honeymoon. I get that this is all opinion, but I can't help but think – what else would we do in Germany? Like, Japan? Hell yeah I know EXACTLY what I can do there, but not too sure about NL, Germany, etc.

Taking any advice/opinions please.

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