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Going on a cruise to Mexico ugh

So my fiancé and I have planned our honeymoon and are planning on going on a cruise that leaves out of tx. The cruise visits Honduras, costa maya, and Cozumel. We told his parents before we booked, according to them they didn’t know. Anyways they’re worried because of the safeness and are worried about the cartel. I guess there has been cartel problems near resorts. I did look up this and there does seem to be problems but nothing stated that it was on any resort.

Now my fiancé is considering looking elsewhere for our honeymoon. I’m sure we’ll be fine as long as we stay in resort. I had no plans in going off of it. If we were to cancel we loose our deposit of $500 which I really don’t want to do. Plus my step mom and dad go on cruises all the time and have never had any issues.

What are you guys thoughts on the situation?

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