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Greek Island-hopping honeymoon?

We are UK based for context

My fiancé and I are starting to think about a potential honeymoon itinerary, some questions have popped up for us we thought we’d ask! There are so many stunning places in Greece and such a wonderful place to visit for its culture and vibrancy.

We’d be looking at going end of May for roughly 10 days (including day of departure and arrival) in 2026 for more context. We love the idea of seeing some of the historical side of Greece as well as having some lazy beach days

This one will be slightly multi-faceted, but any help or advice would be so much appreciated for the following points

  1. We’re thinking to start in Athens and end in Santorini (can anyone foresee any issues with this in terms of arriving/getting back to the UK using two different places?). Is this a good idea?

  2. We are potentially looking at Paros as another destination on the trip, so three places total (so, Athens-Paros-Santorini). Is this a good amount? Too little? Too much? Or are there other places you think would be better?

  3. Any reality checks for time of year or places we’re looking at? I know it’s not going to be like instagram, and will never expect to it be, it’s the internet after all!

  4. Are there any recommended places to stay hotel/accommodation-wise?

  5. Anything you’d recommend to see or do for honeymooners, or to make wonderful memories?

  6. Any good food spots?

Sorry that this is a MASSIVE load of questions and that we’re asking so much, and feel free to answer as many or as little as you like! Of course we’re not necessarily looking for anything solid right now as it is two whole years away and things can change! But we would be so greatful ideas or suggestions for any of the above, even just as some food for thought!

Also happy to answer your questions for more context etc.

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