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Greek Isle beach luxury on a budget?

I thought this would be fun to ask here, as a little crowdsourcing challenge: My fiancé and I are getting married next summer, and since most of our travels together have been more adventurous, he would love for us to just lounge on a beach and stay at someplace resort-like. I’m definitely willing to do that, but I’m still tempted to go somewhere that really thrills me. Greece would be absolutely ideal. I know that certain islands can be overpriced and overrun with tourists, so here’s my question: do you have any experience with making a resort-style Greece trip happen in a way that isn’t too expensive? Are there any secret spots we could look at? Any travel tips/favorite hotels/other wisdom? Obviously we’re not trying to completely penny-pinch or we would just stay in a hostel – I’m not going to be too unrealistic, but I bet you all know things I don’t!

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