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Had a honeymoon planned for Italy in May, now needing a backup

Our honeymoon is planned for Italy (Venice -> Florence -> Rome) but with the virus, it seems that’s going to be difficult. Our flights are non-refundable so at the moment we’re basically waiting to see if our airlines will cancel the flights so we can get the money back and if they don’t, we would go.

I’m not worried about the virus. We’re young, take care of ourselves very well and are careful. I’m more worried about us being stuck quarantined.

So, right now it’s a waiting game to see how it will be in a month.

Our other choices that we were considering before Italy are also somewhat affected by the virus.

It’s exhausting to try and research everything all over again especially with only 2 months left, so I was wondering if y’all had any suggestions? Maybe some ‘cookie cutter’ 7-8 day itinerary we could follow and adjust?

We’re open to literally any location but preferably around Europe (that general area). So we’re even considering Iceland and Nordic islands

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