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Hawai’i goers! Help us decide what activities to do during our Hawai’i honeymoon!

Hi everyone, my wife and I are planning our honeymoon in March of this year (I know last minute). We’ve never been there before. As of right now we have chosen to have it in Kaua’i . The reason being is that we were told it is less crowded and more remote. Maui was our other option and we can still be persuaded if anyone wants to try to compel us.

So we have a bunch of ideas in mind and would like people who have tried them to tell us how their experience was, give us any advice, tell us if they know of better alternatives, or just any notes you have.

1- Zip line tour: this is probably a must for us as Kaua’i looks absolutely gorgeous in pictures and zip lining over parts of it seems fascinating to me. Here is the one we are currently looking at:

2- This sunset dinner cruise looks like a good experience: Has anyone tried it? Know of any really good ones? Open to any suggestions.

3- These ATV tours seem like they could be some fun: Has anyone done this? Curious to know if it’s worth it.

4- Saw this horse riding tour: Not too excited about that one, but if somebody had a really good experience with it then we may consider.

5- Rest of the time will probably be spent surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, kayaking. Any other activities we could do on the beaches?

6- Which beaches do people recommend? Which ones have clearer water? Less crowded? Anyone know of any super remote beaches that aren’t visited often? I’m not sure if those exist

7- We’ve considered going to the forests/valleys and hiking on our own. Is that allowed? Or is a lot of the land private property that can’t be reached by strangers? Is there dangerous wildlife we should be cautious of if we did this? I noticed a couple of random water reserves and thought it would be neat if we hiked up them, if it’s permissible to.

8- The luaus – are there certain ones that are scheduled/recommended? Or do they just happen randomly around the island?

That’s really all we got right now. We are open to any suggestions from you guys. If there are some things that you highly recommend about Maui please let us know. Want this to be a trip we will never forget and we’re willing to make significant changes based on your feedback.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Here’s a post for hotel recommendations in Kaua’i (or Maui): Please help us find the best spot to stay if you’ve got experience! Thanks reddit you da best!

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