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Hawaii Honeymoon! Completely lost on the itinerary! Help

Hi everyone,

We're planning on having our honeymoon in Hawaii around the end of May/ beginning of June. It'll be 5-6 days long.

I've never been there and don't want to make the mistake of simply going with where are the tourists go and not fully experiencing Hawaii. I know 5-6 days isn't a lot but still.

Here is what we're looking for: – fun/ unique things to do/ see – limited beach trips (or more private beach/ water areas) – good food (i don't drink though so no focus on alcohol) – nice/ private suite (ideally not a big chain, standard hotel) – enjoying the local spots and must sees/ dos

Is there a specific island(s) we should go to?

I'm posting this in r/Hawaii (if this exists haha) but I want to post here too since it's a popular honeymoon spot. Thank you for the help!

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