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Hawaii Honeymoon Help!

So our #1 choice for our honeymoon is maui in Hawaii, because people have been recommending that island the most.

But I'm seeing that there are a lot more affordable places to stay in other islands like Kailua-Kona (like this Airbnb: )

So I guess my question is, would our honeymoon in Kailua-Kona be just as beautiful and fun as staying in Maui? Or is Maui really THAT much better and worth paying more money for?

Neither of us have ever been to Hawaii so I'm researching but still kinda clueless on the islands, any help is welcome!

Our daily budget for a room would be around $130 or below, and we plan on staying for like 5 nights.

We would like to see waterfalls, go snorkeling at the beach, and go to beautiful restaurants.

ALSO, hotel or Airbnb, which do you prefer and why?

Thanks in advance!

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