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Hawaii November 2020 honeymoon

My fiancé and I have plenty of time, but cannot agree on where or what we want to do. I want Hawaii, she wants to be on a beach anywhere. We are on the east coast, so the flight to Hawaii is 10~12 hours long. She doesn’t like the sound of a long flight. We have the Caribbean much closer, but I’ve been there before and I’ve been to Hawaii. I’d much prefer Hawaii, as I almost moved there after visiting. Id like to keep the total price under 5k. I feel that is very reasonable.

So, as to Hawaii. I don’t want to go to Honolulu. It’s either north shore, Oahu or Maui. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’ve stayed at turtle bay in Oahu. That was amazing. Never been to Maui! I would love any input to convince my fiancé Hawaii would be worth it.

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