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Hawaii? Or somewhere else? Help us decide either way for our July honeymoon

We're looking at spending 10-14 days any time in July somewhere- we need help deciding where!

We'd be comfortable spending 5k-7k not including flights but the budget is not super strict. We've been considering Hawaii for the following reasons:

  • We're on the West coast and the shorter flight would be nice
  • There's a good balance of relaxing and not relaxing
  • We'd love somewhere with tropical weather, but are open to other options
  • We'd like to snorkel, zipline, explore some history and not just go the beach all day every day. A pool would be a big bonus for us
  • All inclusive would be ok, but it is not a priority for us since we do like to go to local places when we travel

We are typically very go, go, go travelers and like to make the most of any place we visit. Ideally, our honeymoon would be a bit slower paced, but still have opportunities to do "stuff." We'd like to stay North of the equator for this trip. Is Hawaii our best option?

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