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Help a fellow procrastinator narrow down Mini-Moon Options!

Time has gotten away from me, and now I'm scrambling to plan a mini-moon for late August 2021! 🙁 Any and all suggestions are extremely appreciated!

We're fairly laid back:

  1. Would have to stay in the US and are open to a road trip or flights. We're in the Asheville, NC area for reference
  2. Looking for a nice hotel/AirBnB where we can relax (not really into the whole "all inclusive" scenario, but would like nice pools to lounge on, nice rooms, etc.)
  3. Our go-to activity is hiking! Anywhere that has any kind of mountains within an hour from the location would be ideal!
  4. We love all kinds of food, so places with a variety of cuisine would be amazing
  5. Trying to keep the budget under $5k for a 4 or 5 night stay

For reference, we were initially looking at Telluride, but that seems to cater mostly to winter sports, but we're looking for "summer activities". New Hampshire was brought up, but I'm so overwhelmed with options, I feel like I've gotten tunnel vision. Let me know if there's any other information that would help with your suggestions!

Thanks in advance.

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