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Help finding winter honeymoon destination

Howdy, me and my fiance are getting married in mid march and are trying to plan our honeymoon. Neither of us are huge beach people, and so we would like to find a snowy/mountainous area. Our ideal situation would have us in our own cabin, condo, townhome, etc. with a kitchen, and some decent mountain views. While were not looking for an "adventure honeymoon" we would like the ability to do some activities (tubing, dogsledding, sleigh rides, etc.) as well as just a nice town to shop/eat in. We'd like to keep housing and activities under $2000 for 4 to 6 nights. We had looked at Jackson Hole, and had really liked it; however, we have Southwest airlines credits and need to go somewhere within an hour or two of an airport that SW flies to.

After considering all of this, we have been looking at Steamboat Springs, CO or Telluride, CO as Southwest flies directly to these towns. I was hoping someone might be able to give opinions on either, of these towns, or give some info on how Covid has affected visiting these towns.

We are also very open to any other suggestions!


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