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Help! Honeymoon in Europe on a budget July/August 2024 for inexperienced travellers


First time posting od Reddit. Me and my boyfriend are from central Europe and are getting married at the end of July 2024. We want to have our honeymoon last week of July and early August (2 or 3 weeks). We are not experienced travellers and usually spend our summer holidays in Croatia, but would like something different for honeymoon. We would prefer to go somewhere beautiful and stay in one place the whole time, where we could chill by the sea but also go do some sightseeing. We are wiling to spend around 2.000 for both of us, including flights (could even be 3.000, but preferably not). It doesen't need to be anything fancy, we are also willing to cook our own food if needed. That's why I was thinking somewhere in Europe or it could be somewheree further, if the flights are not so expensive (would love to go to Bali, if the flights weren't almost our whole budget). Basically what would be the best destination where you can get the most for the least amount of money, also taking into account everything that is happening in the world and weather being so unpredictable (floods and fires this year)?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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