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Help I don’t know where to go??

So even before my fiancé and I were engaged, we had spoke about honeymoon spots. We live in Eastern USA and had only really been up and down the coast, so we decided to road trip across the country. However, that was when he was working remotely, so the idea of us taking a longer-than-traditional honeymoon was fine as I would receive some vacation pay, and he could start work up again while on the road after the first week or two.

Now, things have changed, and remote work is not in the cards for him. We decided to put this road trip on hold seeing as we don’t think we can afford to go away long enough to truly enjoy everything. We’re trying to find another place to go.

Does anyone have any advice to offer? Places they loved, places they don’t recommend? All we’re really looking for is somewhere with beautiful views and history to explore. While I do love relaxing on the beach, we want to take this time to explore the world we live in, but since we’ll probably be on the honeymoon for a week, we’re thinking we’ll just stick to just one spot!

I hope all of that made sense, and I appreciate any feedback anyone can give!

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